The best Joe Kinnear jokes after Newcastle DoF resignation

The best Joe Kinnear jokes after he resigns from his position as Newcastle United Director of Football with immediate effect.

The subject of all our favourite Joe Kinnear jokes after his Newcastle United Director of Football resignation
RESIGNED: Kinnear (Image based on work by: Mattythewhite)

The best Joe Kinnear jokes as Newcastle United announce that he has resigned from his position as Director of Football with immediate effect.

A surprising statement released late last night by the club revealed news of Kinnear’s resignation and simply stated that the club would be making no further comment.

A consistent source of amusement ever since taking on the role at Newcastle, we enjoy for perhaps the last time – the best Joe Kinnear jokes after his Newcastle Director of Football resignation.

RT @SkyFootball: Joe Kinnear has resigned as Newcastle director of football —–> "Kebab sold, not replaced. My work here is f***ing done."

— Oliver Kay (@OliverKayTimes) February 3, 2014


— NUFCThreatLevel (@NUFCThreatLevel) February 3, 2014

The good news for Joe Kinnear is that he should walk straight into another job at one of Europe's top sides.

— Simon Clancy (@SiClancy) February 3, 2014

Newcastle director of football Joe Kinnear has resigned. Not sure why. pic.twitter.com/7XNQzenCab

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) February 3, 2014

Newcastle's director of football has resigned? There must be a Joe Kinnear somewhere.

— James Martin (@Pundamentalism) February 3, 2014

The last deal Joe Kinnear was involved in at Newcastle? pic.twitter.com/gDm0fUZZBz

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) February 3, 2014

Newcastle fans react to the news that Joe Kinnear has resigned. https://t.co/GBsbKSjGIF

— Football Vines (@Vine_Football) February 3, 2014

Joe Kinnear will probably hear that there is a vacancy for a Director of Football at Newcastle and apply for it.

— adam jones (@adamsupra_MUFC) February 3, 2014

Breaking news: Joe Kinnear has resigned. Breaking news: Champagne shortage in Newcastle. He did a good job for us. Bought many players.

— Angry Alan (@AlansNotepad) February 3, 2014

Joe Kinnear resigns presumably after realising he sold Cabaye by accident thinking he was selling Sammy Ameobi.

— Chris Cohen (@Chris_Cohen) February 3, 2014

He's taken a lot of stick, but Joe Kinnear did do one good thing in his time at #nufc. He resigned.

— Andy Milligan (@ItsAMilligan) February 3, 2014

Joe Kinnear wakes up and realised its February 3 and he hasn't signed any players! #resign! pic.twitter.com/TwUb2MmmLy

— Danny Kelly (@dannykellywords) February 3, 2014

Joe Kinnear did get one transfer over the line though – Cabaye to Paris St Germain.

— Ian Darke (@IanDarke) February 3, 2014

Surely the only job Joe Kinnear would leave Newcastle for is … manager at Leeds.

— rob palmer (@robbopalmer) February 3, 2014

I land and hear Joe Kinnear's gone – how on earth will Newcastle cope now??!!!

— Darren Fletcher (@DFletcherSport) February 3, 2014

Joe Kinnear must have resigned from Newcastle to concentrate on winning the FA Cup for the 108th time.

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker) February 3, 2014

"It's unanimous!" The Newcastle board meeting that ended Joe Kinnear's tenure was long and heated. #NUFC pic.twitter.com/SnQKpCxox4

— Danny Kelly (@dannykellywords) February 3, 2014

Joe Kinnear resigns at #NUFC Here is an infographic detailing the achievements following his stay at the club: pic.twitter.com/SzHWKFzgAo

— Garry (@Garry_Wade) February 3, 2014

Newcastle have taken back Joe Kinnear's company car. It's a long old journey down to London. #NUFC pic.twitter.com/JMCMGpkhUz

— Danny Kelly (@dannykellywords) February 3, 2014

Joe Kinnear quits – Alan Pardew looks younger already… http://t.co/EKz3i2YB6P pic.twitter.com/vNIC79EmZT

— MirrorSport (@MirrorSport) February 3, 2014

Newcastle United's board reacts to Joe Kinnear's departure. #nufc pic.twitter.com/uslZgxpBBI

— Long John Hill (@longjohnhill) February 3, 2014

Joe kinnear's highlights as director of football at #nufc summed up in this 1 photo! pic.twitter.com/DjdOlBG3Qt

— Simon Dixon (@si_dixon09) February 3, 2014

Joe Kinnear quits #nufc to start new employment RT #kinnear pic.twitter.com/wNQoZMl5hu

— Junior Turner (@juniorturner84) February 3, 2014

Joe #Kinnear resigns (gets sacked) #nufc pic.twitter.com/09Zmve0QYR

— Sean Mitchell (@SeanMitchell90) February 4, 2014

Yohan Cabaye was upset & angered by Joe Kinnear referring to him as "Yohan Kebab". When asked if he had any comments to make he said "Naan".

— yaya toure (@YayaToure_) February 4, 2014