The best ‘Manchester City scouting database hacked’ jokes

One of the best 'Manchester City scouting database hacked' jokes
Hacking… Joke (Image: Twitter/chelsea_wbafc)

We have the best ‘Manchester City scouting database hacked’ jokes for you, right here.

Football has been (sort of) rocked by allegations that a rival club have hacked Manchester City’s “scouting database”.

But there’s humour to be found in every situation, so here we go:

City scouting network hacked lol as if no one has heard of the £20-£40m players they buy! Total jokers

— Stu (@singram11) June 16, 2013

Someone found Man City's Football Manager saves…. http://t.co/AFLYtBxoTY

— James Nalton (@JDNalton) June 16, 2013

Apparently Man City are worried a Prem rival has hacked their scouting database. Behave! Like City scout! Have you seen Javi Garcia?

— Ray Woody (@RayWoodhouse1) June 16, 2013

Just seen the secret Man City scouted list of players that was hacked – Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Cavani #nothardwithunlimitedfunds

— Mark Azzopardi (@markazzo) June 16, 2013

Man City's scouting database reportedly hacked. Now everyone will know which underachievers they'll overpay for: http://t.co/lNmgkDafl8

— Jeff Borzello (@jeffborzello) June 16, 2013

Eh? The Arsenal team sheet isn't secret. “@thesundaypeople: Man City fear secret scouting database has been hacked http://t.co/8XiB8WBi49

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan) June 16, 2013

Fucking hell, wished someone hacked it when we were after Garcia and Sinclair, might have made us see sense http://t.co/ATJp8C1H5t

— Banker (@braemarsoldier) June 16, 2013

Steve Bates' assertion that Man City’s scouting database being hacked "will rock football to its core" is a little bit of on overreaction.

— Adam Love (@adamlove7) June 16, 2013

I think we know who hacked Man City's scouting database #kinnear

— Craig Stewart (@CraigPStewart10) June 16, 2013

@RobbieH46 FIFA 13 with search terms 85+ minimum wage 85k and a note to accept all counter offers no matter how ridiculous they are.

— James Moran (@Jamster234) June 16, 2013

Can see why Man City are so outraged having their scouting database hacked. I know I'd be raging if someone hacked my Football Manager game

— Mark Fitzpatrick (@thefitz19) June 16, 2013

The hacking of Man City's scouting database seems to explain why they quickly moved for Fernandinho & Navas. Priceless.

— Nour Agha (@NourAgha) June 15, 2013

Apparently Man City scouting hacked, can't see it being much different from players search on fm13 'search by highest price first' then buy

— Jamie Greslow (@gres76) June 16, 2013

'Man City fear their secret scouting database possibly hacked by an employee of a Premier League rival' But anyone can buy Footie Manager?

— Matthew S. McCoubrey (@Matty_Coubs) June 16, 2013

Man City's scouting file has been hacked. I thought it was public anyway. Who plays for Arsenal? Who do Chelsea want? Who do Man Utd want?

— Me (@TeamXtremeXXV) June 16, 2013

City is saying their scouting database was hacked? We all know the 22 players in arsenals first team. #afc #mcfc

— kenna © (@Kennagq) June 16, 2013

Insert obvious Spurs joke here. “@ballsdotie: Man City Fear Their Scouting Network Has Been Hacked. http://t.co/9ijKM7ybN9

— DOF (@AggerDoDoDo) June 16, 2013

Presumably whoever hacked into man city's scouting database changed the figures for how much they should pay for Gareth Barry?

— Paul O'Farrell (@paulofarrell) June 16, 2013

"@FourFourTweet: Man City claim their scouting database has been hacked by an employee of a Premier League rival" they dont scout anyone!

— Dave Rue (@dave_rue) June 16, 2013

Love this story Man City's secret scouting database has been hacked. Isn't it just a list of every top top player… ?

— lisa (@shampps) June 16, 2013

They must have hacked Man City's computer ages ago because someone took the dot out between the 2 and 5 in James Milners transfer fee.

— Chris (@Offs73) June 16, 2013

Man city have data base hacked. Just wait to see who everyine else wants and gazump them like usual then #mancity

— ian thelwell (@wease83) June 16, 2013

Daily Mirror are reporting that #ManCity's Worldwide Scouting Database has been hacked. Got Money bt cant afford good Security #TypicalShit

— Sagar Sane MUFC (@SaneSagar) June 16, 2013

#ManCity #Players pic.twitter.com/MpI4ISAuJe

— Chelsea (@chelsea_wbafc) June 15, 2013