Some recent World Cup jokes with just 8 days to go before kick-off in Russia

Everyone start to get excited.

Putin can enjoy the latest World Cup jokes before Russia 2018 takes place before him
FOOTBALL MAD: Vlad (Image: Kremlin.ru)

Everyone is finally beginning to get excited about the World Cup in Russia before the competition starts next week.

And here are some of the best recent World Cup jokes and tweets in the meantime:

first world cup with no bolton players in it since 1990. joke of a competition. game's gone #bwfc

— ciarán (@schmrn) June 4, 2018

Kids glued to World Cup TV programmes. Just asked me who was best, Franco Baresi or Sergio Ramos. Sent them straight to bed no dinner.

— Barney Ronay (@barneyronay) June 4, 2018

Ten days until the world cup. Or if you're Italian, it's only 1629 days.

— Ben (@YeahTheBuijs) June 5, 2018

"Hey babe I've gone to watch the world cup match at the local with my friends will be back immediately after"

*Me walking in at 4am smelling of whiskey and Keg while complaining about VAR* pic.twitter.com/lVRtDH7S16

— Cosa Nostra (@EduBudaBoss) June 5, 2018

If I’m screaming the national anthem in my house when the anthems are being played, our national team should be singing it to. #WorldCup2018 IF YOU MAN DONT KNOW IT GOOGLE IT AND SING IT IN THE SHOWERS TILL WORLD CUP

— knighty (@LeonKnight_) June 5, 2018

None of the guys on love island can be trusted. How can you throw away a World Cup summer like that.

— Joe Taylor (@joe_tlr) June 5, 2018

Y’all sure the World Cup is still on?

— blackie chan™ (@MattMizrika) June 5, 2018

And the World Cup starts in two weeks, so it’s one nil to the husband!.

— Eamon White (@whitebhoy) June 5, 2018


If France don’t win the world cup I’ll get Pogba dabbing tattooed on my arse

— Joe Rose (@Joe_Rose00) June 5, 2018

World Cup and chill?

But actually chill bc I’m trying to watch the mf games

— You phancy, huh? (@ashleyyphan) June 5, 2018

Allah has a tenner on France.

— Roscommunist (@Roscommunist) June 5, 2018


can’t believe I’ve booked a day off work for Russia Vs Saudi Arabia, what the World Cup does to you

— Cobi Budge (@cobibudge1) June 5, 2018

Reporter: Do you think Spain can win the World Cup?

Xavi: Messi plays for Argentina and he’s the best player. pic.twitter.com/jCI8wqj8MS

— Idris (@Crhedrys) June 5, 2018


World cup twitter is going to kick loveisland twitters cunt in

A can already see it now

— David Anderson (@DavAnd12) June 5, 2018

Gonna take an ancestry test so I can claim other national teams for the World Cup in case Mexico or Iran loses

— Mexican Rug Dealer (@MikeElChingon) June 5, 2018


In 1966, adjusted for inflation, World Cup final tickets cost £8.73. There's your trouble, right there.

— John Nicholson (@JohnnyTheNic) June 5, 2018