Even more World Cup jokes as 2018 tournament in Russia gets underway

Competition now in full swing.

The countdown to Russia 2018 is over and you can enjoy more World Cup jokes
The countdown is over (Image: Kremlin.ru)

The 2018 World Cup is now well underway in Russia after the hosts kicked-off the tournament on Thursday.

Football fever has gripped social networks as the populous of each nation tries to take pride in their team’s performances.

This is a third batch of the latest, more generalised World Cup jokes as Russia 2018 begins:

Listen it’s Day 1 of the World Cup BUT if you think im gonna sit on twitter tweeting about it all day, making predictions, hyping players, debating & analysing every aspect whilst I’ve got work to do and my manager on my back then YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! #Worldcup2018Russia

— V10 (@thereal_v10) June 14, 2018


What we all want to know is ….Is the octopus still about? #Worldcup2018Russia

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) June 14, 2018

During #Worldcup2018Russia the wife said if japan are on we will have sushi , if Mexico are on we will have burritos, if Italy are on we will have pizza, if Spain is on we will have tapas and if England are on … we are going out !!!

— I am Duncan Smith (@IDS_not) June 14, 2018

The next month should be a national holiday and beer should be 1/2 price… #Worldcup2018Russia

— Arron Hall (@arronh92) June 14, 2018



*37,274 American males cancel their trips to the World Cup* https://t.co/gj7zkfUlFD

— Dr. Chip Reiderson (@ChipReiderson) June 14, 2018


If England win World Cup I will get ONIT. If they don’t win it I will get ONIT. Simple as that marra

— billy nelson (@billyodb) June 14, 2018

What team does this cat play for? I don’t want to miss that match.#WorldCup pic.twitter.com/OPqfG2lmm4

— "Mad Cat" Cattis (@GeneralCattis) June 14, 2018


Did you know that at the world cup when Sweden and Denmark are playing against each other the letters used are SWE vs DEN forming the word SWEDEN. .. and the unused letters are DEN and MARK….forming the word DENMARK #Worldcup2018Russia

— Pfungwa Ndoro (@pfungwandoro) June 14, 2018

Meanwhile the Americans are wondering why different countries are playing in a " World" cup and it's not just between two American cities.

— Kavi (@blurt2kc) June 15, 2018


The notion that men can't multitask is a myth. I'm watching every minute of the world cup, posts on Twitter during games and liking football posts.

— – (@SpecialSG8) June 15, 2018

The daily World Cup ratings will have no effect on your life.

— Bryan Curtis (@bryancurtis) June 15, 2018