More World Cup jokes before Russia 2018 starts tomorrow

The world will be watching Russia face Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

Putin shows his FIFA ID card ahead of Russia 2018 and would like these World Cup jokes and tweets as excitement builds
ACCESS ALL AREAS: Putin (Image: Kremlin.ru)

Anticipation amongst fans is reaching fever pitch with the first game of Russia 2018 little more than a day away.

The world will be watching as tournament hosts Russia face Saudi Arabia at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on Thursday.

Before then, here are some of the latest and greatest World Cup jokes and tweets:

my view from the airplane landing here in Russia for the World Cup. Can't wait for the games to begin! pic.twitter.com/wboZLwoOz1

— Meninist Gaming (@MeninistGaming) June 11, 2018

You're right – that World Cup you watched as an impressionable youth really *was* the best ever.

— James Maw (@JamesMawFFT) June 11, 2018

World Cup ready pic.twitter.com/3peXHD6Zim

— Paddy (@pclaber1) June 11, 2018

Always wondered what Sky Sports News viewing figures are like during the World Cup Final. You can choose to watch the match live & free on BBC or ITV…. or pay to watch Iain Dowie watch it on a telly you can't see.

— Steamed Dans (@Danny_McMoomins) June 11, 2018


Nou, de Denen zijn klaar voor het WK. pic.twitter.com/wgYakawzW4

— Dick Teunen (@DT_1985) June 10, 2018

France is the best chance Africa has at winning the world cup.

— ₩onder₩oman ⓭ (@NonyeBiko) June 11, 2018

Politics aside, I really hope the Saudi team is humiliated in every World Cup match

— Abou Layla (@Jnoubi_Elite) June 11, 2018

Tonite at the gym, a man told me he thought Italy could win the 2018 World Cup. I told him they had the same chances as the USA. He told me I was crazy & knew nothing about world football. I said “you mean soccer?” He walked away. #WorldCup2018

— Bobby Boswell (@bobbyboswell) June 12, 2018


hate the way england keep going on about winning the world cup in ‘66 when ireland barely mention the fact that we won euro ‘88

— Brian Casey (@bocathasaigh) June 12, 2018

How I watch the world cup knowing nothing pic.twitter.com/3OrdDZvIur

— SpeakComedy (@SpeakComedy) June 12, 2018

This feels very much like a throughball for an 'England schooled at the World Cup' headline pic.twitter.com/x4YfxyYg2x

— Melissa Reddy (@MelissaReddy_) June 12, 2018




when u gotta dress professional for work but gotta let everyone know who you’re supporting for the world cup pic.twitter.com/IKYDTW4DWJ

— val (@valzapaata) June 12, 2018

"Can't get excited about the World Cup, club over country for me."

Quite lucky Doncaster didn't qualify then isn't it. Miserable bastards.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) June 12, 2018

Try and listen to Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve without getting pumped up for the World Cup this year. If that doesn’t tell you that England are going all the way then nothing will.

— Jaquob Crooke (@_JaquobCrooke) June 12, 2018

Vincent Kompany has just arrived in Russia for the World Cup. pic.twitter.com/6XsqlekH85

— On Me Head Son! (@Danielfloyd1981) June 12, 2018

You people legit think these guys came for the world Cup?
Big lie. They are there for Mikel Obi's wedding to his Russian babe. Both white and traditional sef. They came prepared
If you know, you know pic.twitter.com/NjvcRJ4fPc

— J. Cole's Weedman (@Don_TEE) June 12, 2018

England have flown out for the World Cup. They put the bus in the short stay car park.

— Stansaid Airport (@StansaidAirport) June 12, 2018

Talking World Cup at lunch a ‘lad’ joined in with the hot take of ‘you know, we put a run together who knows maybe we go one more than we did last time’ I asked who’s we, he said ‘us, the U.S’. I was gonna tell him, but he said he’s got his jersey ready, so why spoil the fun. Lol

— Francis Maxwell (@francismmaxwell) June 12, 2018

WORLD CUP FEVER LEVEL: pic.twitter.com/Jvyr1VnhDo

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) June 11, 2018

I gave my wife £50 and told her to go out on Thursday and leave me in peace while I watched World Cup football.

"I won't need that much," she laughed.

"You will," I said. "It's got to last you five weeks."

— michael devereau (@mickdev2000) June 11, 2018

Me during this World Cup pic.twitter.com/O6ganT4pm1

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) June 12, 2018