More jokes after Sam Allardyce leaves England as Telegraph investigation forces manager out

Newspaper sting kicks Allardyce out after just one game in dream job.

There were more jokes as Sam Allardyce leaves England after a Telegraph investigation forces the manager out
GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Sam Allardyce (Image: Egghead06)

After The FA published a statement announcing that Sam Allardyce has left his role as England manager by mutual consent following an investigation by The Telegraph newspaper there were lots more jokes – and these are the best of them.

Things have progressed quickly following the release of secretly-filmed video last night and the 61-year-old, who said this was his dream job, has agreed to step down after just one game in the job after a meeting with the football chiefs.

So now there are are more jokes as Sam Allardyce leaves England following the Telegraph sting:

Those Chilean miners were trapped underground for two days longer than Allardyce was England manager.

— SundayLeagueHipster (@HipsterManager) September 27, 2016

I suggest a different England manager every match, the way they do with hosts on Have I Got News For You.

— Mr Roger Quimbly (@RogerQuimbly) September 27, 2016

Looks like for Big Sam his #England Record will read – P1 / W1 / Did one.

— Simon Thomas (@SimonThomasSky) September 27, 2016

Just give Wayne Rooney the England job and get it over with.

— Graham Ruthven (@grahamruthven) September 27, 2016

Big Sam resigns as #EnglandManager? https://t.co/zQCWhvhNiE

— Full Time DEVILS (@FullTimeDEVILS) September 27, 2016

There's only one man who can save England now. pic.twitter.com/CYqLL9JDlF

— Coral (@Coral) September 27, 2016

Mourinho will be available in a few months. England should wait for him.

— Pablo (@AFCAMDEN) September 27, 2016

Can't believe the @OfficialBigSam news. Nothing should shock me anymore in this game but that has. Nowt wrong with 1 game for England mind!😉

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) September 27, 2016

The only thing funnier than Sam leaving the England job after 67 days is the fact the FA paid £2,000,000 for a 1-0 win over Slovakia hahaha

— Dean (@Dean97SAFC) September 27, 2016

Big Sam sacked, and the FA have already made the call for the next England manager. Not all heroes wear capes. pic.twitter.com/VMMIVj3jHE

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) September 27, 2016

"Sacked from the England job? He must have committed some pretty bad sins in a past life" – Glenn Hoddle

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) September 27, 2016

@FA goodnight sweet prince pic.twitter.com/4NNnC9Y5yi @England

— #freepalestine (@beardnifico) September 27, 2016

BREAKING: Kevin Nolan announces his retirement from England duty.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) September 27, 2016

Been trying to think who will be next England manager

Then It hit me

I'm not even arsed

— †Shaun#JFT96 (@Shaun57LFC) September 27, 2016

WANTED. Manager of the England Football Team. Experience in understanding fluent Rooney; desired. Must be able to keep their mouth shut.

— Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH) September 27, 2016

Big Sam right now #SamAllardyce pic.twitter.com/hL3nSErqFU

— Laura cufc (@laurabarr38) September 27, 2016

#FIFA17 is already outdated.
Sam Allardyce is England manager 😂🔫 pic.twitter.com/3ch5aGwkDn

— FIFACareerGems (@FIFACareerGems) September 27, 2016

FACT: Sam Allardyce is officially England's greatest ever manager.

Games: 1
Wins: 1
Win Ratio: 100% pic.twitter.com/uZteLtqAld

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf) September 27, 2016

Quiz question in years to come: Who scored the only goal of Sam Allardyce's England reign?

— Joseph Musker (@Musker_LFC) September 27, 2016

He's joining the Shadow Cabinet. https://t.co/8t6chVNcWf

— Glen O'Hara (@gsoh31) September 27, 2016

Sam Allardyce's reign as England manager is over before it really even started… pic.twitter.com/CacqOXwyQn

— talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) September 27, 2016

Turns out Allardyce was right after all.

It really isn't for him to say which position Rooney plays.

— 🔊ᑕOᑎOᖇ ᗰᑕᑎᗩᗰᗩᖇᗩ (@ConorMcNamaraIE) September 27, 2016

Bloody Hell. The longevity of England managers is now neck and neck with drummers in Spinal Tap.

— Simon Price (@simon_price01) September 27, 2016

Imagine being a man on £3million a year and choosing to live in Bolton. Deserves sacking for that alone. #Allardyce

— Dave (@DaveMUFC16) September 27, 2016

Sam Allardyce has brought shame and embarrassment on our country. It is totally out of order. That's the job of the players

— Troy (@mancmourinho) September 27, 2016

I've said it before: England need a foreign manager. And, while they're at it, foreign players.

— Rory Bremner (@rorybremner) September 27, 2016

Tell you what @FA

Let Joe Allen play for England then I might consider taking it.

Sam told me you can bend the rules.

— Deluded Brendan (@DeludedBrendan) September 27, 2016

Only Lady Jane Grey beats Sam Allardyce's record of being in charge of England for the shortest time.

— Terence Dackombe (@SirTerence) September 27, 2016

Sam Allardyce's lucky coin didn't work for long.

— Henry Winter (@henrywinter) September 27, 2016

Allardyce sacked for being corrupt. Favourite to take over is Alan Pardew. A man who has 10 paragraphs worth of 'Controversies' on Wikipedia

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) September 27, 2016