Even more jokes after Sam Allardyce goes, as search for new England manager begins

Vacated role yesterday following newspaper sting, "off abroad to chill out and reflect" today.

There were even more jokes after Sam Allardyce left his role as England manager and the search for a new one begins
RUDDERLESS: England (Image: umbro)

These are the best of the latest jokes after Sam Allardyce vacated the England manager role yesterday following an undercover investigation by The Telegraph that claimed he was abusing his position as coach of the national team.

The search for a new manager has presumably already begun and Gareth Southgate is expected to take charge for next four games.

After briefly speaking to the media outside his home on Wednesday morning before jetting off overseas, here are the best of the most recent jokes after the end of Sam Allardyce’s short reign:

Big Sam's just steamed into the nearest Spar to FA HQ, and is eating as many Rustlers as he can raw from the pack before the police arrive

— mmmns (@Danny_McMoomins) September 27, 2016

"Give it Harambe 'till the end of the season" #BigSam pic.twitter.com/sj06JywWO4

— Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) September 27, 2016

If only Big Sam had Bovver as his right hand man, that man knew how to spot an undercover journo pic.twitter.com/P7IxPA7BDX

— Joe MacRae (@JoeMacRae93) September 27, 2016

Rumours that Big Sam will now host The Big British Bake off..

Anything for a bit of extra dough..

— L.F.C URCHINS (@AnfieldUrchin) September 27, 2016

Big Sam rocking up to the Job Centre like… pic.twitter.com/ztw5mKz2DS

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) September 27, 2016

My mate crashed into TWO kids on his first day of being a Tesco delivery driver & still kept his job longer than Big Sam.

— Jack Dean (@Jaack) September 27, 2016

He didn't fit the chair.#BigSam

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) September 27, 2016

If anyone knows Sam Allardyce, please tell him to get in touch. We could always use more store managers and yes, we can pay in pies.

— Iceland Foods ❄️ (@IcelandFoods) September 27, 2016

Good news for #Allardyce. He now ticks all the boxes for a top job at #FIFA

— Clive Peedell (@cpeedell) September 27, 2016

BREAKING: We underatand Mick McCarthy wants the England Managers Job and has even submitted a audition tape to boost his claim. pic.twitter.com/VrDJykMhdf

— Agent Willie Stroker (@Agent_Willie) September 27, 2016

They paved Allardyce,
put up a parking lot.

— Jonathan Meres (@JonathanMeres) September 28, 2016

Hodgson must be weally weally twaumatised about Allardyce's wesignation

— Sanjeev Kohli (@govindajeggy) September 28, 2016

Zlatan lasts longer in bed than Sam Allardyce lasts in an England Job. #ZlatanFacts

— Zlatan Facts (@ZIatanFacts) September 27, 2016

When Roy Hodgson sees Sam Allardyce down at the job centre…https://t.co/BO9EL4jg2e

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) September 27, 2016

Here's hoping Paddy McGuinness and Bradley Walsh are available to cheer up their former employer Big Sam at this difficult time.

— Barry Glendenning (@bglendenning) September 27, 2016

It's almost like Mary Berry knew that the England Manager job was coming back on the market.

— rab livingstone (@rablivingstone) September 27, 2016

Allardyce to the English press on July 25th:
"This job is not the poisoned chalice. I want the challenge. Bring it on lads.”
So they did…

— Kevin Palmer (@RealKevinPalmer) September 27, 2016

This is SO Partridge from Allardyce: "The most corrupt business in our country would be what? You’ll be shocked when I tell you this – HMRC"

— Iain Macintosh (@iainmacintosh) September 27, 2016

@Marcotti Big Sam's favourite film? pic.twitter.com/qZ9x7Y8lZj

— ⚒ Paolo Antonio ⚒ (@tone_paul) September 27, 2016

Classic FA, firing England's most successful ever manager… pic.twitter.com/wfAElhu8lI

— Dave (@Join_Dave) September 27, 2016

Gary Caldwell asked about Big Sam: "I don't care. I'm Scottish. I hope it gives us a better chance of qualifying." You'll do for me Gaz. 👋🏻

— Michael Gannon (@MichaelGannon) September 27, 2016

England fans! You think things couldn’t get any worse? Seumas Milne might be available…

— anya (@anyabike) September 28, 2016

When Big Sam saves Sunderland from relegation, this will all be forgotten.

— Balls.ie (@ballsdotie) September 28, 2016

“Morning folks!” says Big Sam, strolling into FA Headquarters as if nothing happened. “Worth a try.” he tells security, as he’s led away.

— Arena Flowers (@ArenaFlowers) September 28, 2016


— vigo345 (@VIGO456) September 28, 2016

Donald Trump to be next England manager?

*England concede free kick on edge of the area*
Trump: "WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL" pic.twitter.com/yUSJnze8T6

— George Mahood (@georgemahood) September 28, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: @Jeremy_Hunt to be new England manager after convincing FA he can impose a cheaper system where 5 players cover 7 positions

— Dr Phil Hammond (@drphilhammond) September 28, 2016

Mel & Sue for England manager.

— Liz Buckley (@liz_buckley) September 28, 2016

I'm with Ronnie, Blair shouldn't be England manager either https://t.co/kNawJ2ohdF

— Tom Victor (@tomvictor) September 28, 2016

Ricky Tomlinson was on 'Good Morning Britain' and they didn't ask him about the vacant England role. What is wrong with them!? pic.twitter.com/DeO4iH9QT0

— Coral (@Coral) September 28, 2016

Surgeons say they are hopeful they can still prolong the life of the last surviving lion from the England football shirt. pic.twitter.com/JXjZaZU1Wl

— Danny Baker (@prodnose) September 28, 2016

Another England manager crucified… pic.twitter.com/7eMhjpJKdS

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) September 28, 2016

The crushing lack of a hyphen in Sam Allardyce's caption of his England time in charge :(pic.twitter.com/jc0CFdBYJS

— Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches) September 28, 2016

We should pick England's next manager by lottery, then scream 'Mrs Wilkins from Exeter is clueless, why are we paying her £3million a year?'

— Mark Steel (@mrmarksteel) September 28, 2016

'Entrapment has won on this occasion,' says Big Sam. Presumably 1-0 after hoofing it to a big lad up top for 90 minutes.

— Dan Waddell (@danwaddell) September 28, 2016

Big Sam earned £550,685 for his 67 days as England manager. Think off all the Steak Bakes you could get with that… pic.twitter.com/c2akjYfwGS

— TheODDSbible (@TheOddsBible) September 28, 2016

As it emerges Allardyce was to receive £400,000 for one speech, one expert is shocked his hourly rate is so low. pic.twitter.com/kqtByRpime

— HaveIGotNewsForYou (@haveigotnews) September 28, 2016

Allardyce leaving UK for a break to reflect could earn back a lot of lost respect if he rocked up to #Oktoberfest to party with lederhosen

— Ned Zelic (@NedZelic) September 28, 2016

Every England fan at the moment: https://t.co/N4KM1Tc8me

— Coral (@Coral) September 28, 2016

Fun fact: Since Bale's last UCL goal, Sam Allardyce has left West Ham, joined Sunderland, left Sunderland, joined England and left England.

— MR99 (@MoTheArabKeeper) September 28, 2016

Looking at the footage again, it’s weird Big Sam didn’t suspect anything… pic.twitter.com/lx0AdSZ1SL

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) September 28, 2016