More it’s coming home jokes after England beat the Swedes in a World Cup quarter-final

Three Lions is top of the charts.

There were more it's coming home jokes and tweets after England beat Sweden in their World Cup quarter-final and before they face Croatia in the semi-final in Moscow
SUPPORTED: England (Image: Elliott Brown)

Everyone’s even more excited now, after England beat Sweden in the World Cup quarter-final at the weekend.

The country has gone football crazy and Three Lions has stormed to the top of the charts as the public cheer on our boys at Russia 2018.

England face Croatia on Wednesday in a World Cup semi-final in Moscow.

Until then, these are the best of the latest it’s coming home jokes and tweets following our win against the Swedes:


How you gonna try and argue the destination of football when even Sweden’s only successful store knows it’s coming home pic.twitter.com/VWxFokivrd

— Callum Markie (@callummarkiee) July 7, 2018

if england lose, i’m breaking my ikea furniture. i don’t want a home if it’s not coming home #ENGSWE

— s63 (@neurolexic) July 7, 2018

best hope it’s coming home then #Worldcup2018Russia #ENGvSWE pic.twitter.com/bBO5t0ZnZh

— evie (@eviedacious_) July 7, 2018

the #ENGSWE match and london pride happening at the same time is so odd because everyone’s chanting either “it’s coming home” or “i’m coming out”

— matt (@MattEvuns) July 7, 2018

What can I tell ya pal I didn’t choose to be born ere mate when life gives you lemons you say it’s coming home

— Zakaria (@zakariamka) July 7, 2018

It's happening it's coming home. Harry Maguire scored, brexit means brexit and it's coming bloody home.

— CallumFromTheCorner (@CallumAdams69) July 7, 2018

1000 likes and I’ll tattoo it’s coming home on my forehead

— K.dot (@KreyanShunmugam) July 7, 2018

Black Twitter: 'It's COMING HOME!'
Kill joy: 'Have the jewels that Britain stole come home yet?'

— Little One. (@petitetweeter_) July 7, 2018

They tell you it's coming home and then they miss and come in your hair instead.

— anna who loves dogs (@hexpositivee) July 7, 2018


“It’s coming home” is the exact phrase my mum used to use, as she looked out of the window & saw my dad stumbling from the pub. True.

— Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) July 7, 2018

"Novichok on toast. Then we'll see if it's coming home" pic.twitter.com/NCmlBrvxHF

— Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) July 7, 2018


Football may or may not be coming home but it’s certainly put its post code in the satnav

— Al Murray, Dr (@almurray) July 7, 2018

Hello Theresa? It's coming home pic.twitter.com/FrivCopnSs

— Troll Football (@TrollFootball) July 7, 2018

“It’s coming home? More like no ones going home” pic.twitter.com/2yMbwTmOZM

— Skyler Beatty (@skyler_beatty) July 7, 2018

Lovely moment of English spirit on the train. A guy got on and shouted "I've just got off the phone with football…IT'S COMING HOME!"

And a packed carriage full of strangers, all from different walks of life, who'd just witnessed history, collectively just ignored him. Dickhead

— Glenn Moore (@TheNewsAtGlenn) July 7, 2018

When you can’t get “it’s coming home” theme tune out your head pic.twitter.com/RisR1wPL31

— Kyle Walker (@kylewalker2) July 7, 2018

Fact of the day from Mum #ltscominghome #SWEvENG pic.twitter.com/go5ksxxv9r

— Dave Walia (@dsahluw) July 7, 2018

omg im so gay i thought the world cup worked like eurovision and the winning country hosted it the next time it was on and that’s why all the brits were saying “it’s coming home”

— Adam (@adamlawless97) July 8, 2018

Her: "I bet he's thinking about another woman."

Him: "I can't believe it's actually coming home." pic.twitter.com/74yCdcw9Xu

— Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) July 8, 2018


imagine the islanders not knowing it’s coming home, then coming home to find out that it’s come home. then realising that you just spent 8 weeks in the villa, didn’t win the 25k, missed the biggest World Cup of your life only to be mugged off as soon as you get home #LoveIsland

— Imogen-Leigh (@_immythomas_) July 8, 2018

Haven't been called a paki in weeks. "Go home" has been replaced with "It's coming home." Incredible scenes. https://t.co/TWjYViywB3

— jned (@Englistani) July 8, 2018

Just checked my bank account for the first time since the weekend and the bailiffs will be coming home if I keep this up. Thank fuck it’s only every four years.

— Macca (@The_Paris_Angel) July 9, 2018

All these women running around giving it “Its coming home!” are the same women that’ll tell you “it’s just a game babe” when you’re knocked out of the Carabao Cup by Accrington bastard Stanley!!

— ⚒ Garry Harvey ⚒ (@harvey_garry) July 9, 2018

England fans when they've gone 2 minutes without saying "It's coming home" pic.twitter.com/7HacpqDfjy

— Zubair (@ZubiDoobiDoo) July 7, 2018

For all those interested in the England v Croatia game on Wednesday, this is a fun take by the Facebook page “It’s Coming Home” pic.twitter.com/vfBwafztVp

— Sheku Kanneh-Mason (@ShekuKM) July 9, 2018

One thinks it’s rather noble of these politicians resigning from the cabinet to create space for the trophy that’s coming home.

— Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH) July 9, 2018

“IT’S COMING HOME” – Boris Johnson’s Wife

— Ryan Cullen (@RyanCullen90) July 9, 2018