EURO 2016 QUALIFIERS: The best jokes from Switzerland v England

Roy Hodgson's men take a significant step towards qualification with a 2-0 win in their opening match.

The Swiss flag will be disappointed to hear the final score as well as the jokes from Switzerland v England, Euro 2016 qualifier
TO BE FLOWN AT HALF-MAST: Swiss flag (Image: Elbesy)

Don’t miss this collection of the best tweets and jokes from Switzerland v England as Roy Hodgson’s men take a significant step towards qualification for Euro 2016 with a 2-0 win in their opening match.

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It was a relatively entertaining game involving the national team for a change, with a new-look, youthful line-up on show in Basel.

Two goals for new Arsenal signing Danny Welbeck secured victory over their main Group E rivals in front of a capacity crowd at St. Jakob-Park.

But, of course, the real fun was to be had on Twitter – here are the best jokes from Switzerland v England with a bit of ITV and Adrian Chiles fun mixed-in too:

Yo Got To Love Adrian Chiles… #EnglandVsSwitzerland pic.twitter.com/xlru4txL8E

— EBAYGUMTREE (@savs66) September 8, 2014

Gotta be one of the oldest mascots of all time.. pic.twitter.com/qYxLu9qmPA

— Scott Davies (@hovis1988) September 8, 2014

Here we go again. The lack of excitement is palpable #ENGvSWI

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) September 8, 2014

Some Scotland fans like to support whoever's playing England. But I try to be neutral. Which means I'm supporting the neutral Swiss #ENGvSWI

— Pete Sinclair (@pete_sinclair) September 8, 2014

Whatever happens in the game this has to be the highlight of the night? https://t.co/6t7KayLq8g #ENGvSWI

— Football Tips (@footballtips) September 8, 2014

If England lose this it may well be Delph-inflicted #EngvSwi

— Olly Foster (@OllyFoster) September 8, 2014

The Swiss are yet to get out of neutral. #ENGvSWI

— Matt Gilbertson (@GilbFromUpNorth) September 8, 2014

For anyone wondering why Rooney hasn't turned up he's gatecrashing a Chinese wedding #ENGvSWI pic.twitter.com/0cVoXTYl9x

— Logical Campaign (@LogicalCampaign) September 8, 2014

The Swiss look nervous, obviously don't want to lose to a minnow #ENGvSWI

— Chris Skinner (@ChrisSkinner2) September 8, 2014

The Sentinel understanding how the nation feels about Adrian Chiles #ENGvSWI pic.twitter.com/XM2Xocbvey

— Stoke Truths (@StokeTruths) September 8, 2014

The only plus so far is the Swiss flag #ENGvSWI

— Alan Wiggins (@realalanwiggins) September 8, 2014

Ah, look. It's our colonial masters vs. the ones who hide the money of their successors. #ENGvSWI

— Angel di MAHIA (@iammahia) September 8, 2014

Wayne Rooney left a note in Roy Hodgsons hotel room last night! #England #ENGvSWI pic.twitter.com/2QCCmlC0qP

— Harry Redknapp (@HarrysCarWindow) September 8, 2014

When I grow up… #EURO2016Qualifier #EURO2016Qualifiers #ENGvSWI #SwivEng pic.twitter.com/ws3OhnqZ4g

— Pie Sports Booze (@piesportsbooze) September 8, 2014

Proof that as long as Danny Welbeck isn't given time to think he can shin it in from anywhere #ENGvSWI

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan) September 8, 2014

All behold the new Xavi #Delph #ENGvSWI 1-0 pic.twitter.com/yM8TGGB4z2

— The Sun – Football (@TheSunFootball) September 8, 2014

Let's all remember that the Swiss were the bad guys in Cool Runnings. #ENGvSWI

— Chris Goodwin (@Scrabbles) September 8, 2014

I missed the attendance, but apparently Jack Wilshire is still there in the 2nd half. #ENGvSWI

— Norman Shenley (@NormanSShenley) September 8, 2014

If Switerland equalize will it be hard cheese? #ENGvSWI

— Mark Harrison (@markharrison252) September 8, 2014


— Sinbad (@SinbadBrookie) September 8, 2014

Wel-done. Taking the Swiss. Etc etc. #ENGvSWI

— James Hunt (@jameshunt182) September 8, 2014

The mighty Swiss rolled….. #ENGvSWI

— Steve Ball (@Ballste) September 8, 2014

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