The best of the Jack Grealish abuse as he refuses Ireland call-up

Insults and abuse as the Aston Villa star turns down place in the squad for England friendly.

Many fans came in with Jack Grealish abuse after he refused an Ireland call-up
ABUSED: Grealish (Image: Ben Sutherland)

Check out this selection of Jack Grealish abuse from Twitter after the Aston Villa youngster turned down a place in the Republic of Ireland squad for next month’s friendly against England.

Manager Martin O’Neill delayed yesterday’s press conference while in deep discussions with the player’s dad, whose son is reported to still be deciding whether to play for Ireland or England in future.

After appearances for Republic of Ireland Under-17s, Under-18s and the Under-21s, fans were disappointed not to see the 19-year-old make his senior debut.

We’ve the gathered together the most amusing insults and Jack Grealish abuse, warning: bit rude.

@JackGrealish1 stay the fuck out of Ireland. I'm waiting in Dublin you gypsy bastard fuck off and warm the bench for the brits

— Sean Forbes (@seanforbes96) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 he won't get a game for England anyways so he will regret it in the long run skinny cunt

— Daniel O Brien (@DanoObrien2) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 make up you're mind ya dirty prick

— King Kunta (@dodgehurley) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 you're a disgrace !! Won't even get near english team #deluded #wasteoftalent #judas

— Colin Healy (@healycolin) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 Twat!

— Conor O'Boyle (@conoripl) May 12, 2015

Fuck off @JackGrealish1 with your stupid fucking haircut

— Jason Blyth (@truebluejayo) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 traitor fuck, go suck the queen you chav

— Shane Crawford (@ShaneCrawford97) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 you are a cabbage

— Aaron Meade (@MeadeyAthy) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 Fuck off you British cunt

— Fitzy (@fernando_shane) May 12, 2015

@benjohntrasler @JackGrealish1 Traitor. ;-)

— Ralph. (@Illmarmaliseyah) May 12, 2015

@BBCRNS @JackGrealish1 who cut your hair your mum

— tyson pashley (@tysonpashley) May 12, 2015

@AVFCOfficial @JackGrealish1 fuck the cunt . He better pick ??

— Andrew (@FutbolAndrew) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 you need to pick your international team, stop fucking about. Your not as good as you think

— Pat Lynch (@patlynch78) May 12, 2015


— STEPHEN RUDDY (@SteRudds) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 Playing for the ROI U21, U18 and U17s and then the minute you have some hype over your small shin guards you fuck off to Roy

— ross timothy dinneen (@RossDinneen) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 Im warning u cub,if u dont declare urself for Irish soccer team I'll hav some1 sent round to ur house to cut ur hair #banter

— Gary Clancy (@Clancy_5) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 Your an ungrateful little shit, don't you dare come crawling back for an Irish call up cause I will batter you #RAT #JogOn

— Daithi Hol (@TayakenTony) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 prick

— Nick Smith (@NickSmiith) May 12, 2015

@JackGrealish1 you better play for Ireland and stop attention seeking

— david crowe (@crowe0019) May 12, 2015