Tweets of the Week: Clarkson, Arsenal, Miliband & more!

Featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Piers Morgan, Lee Dixon, Sol Campbell, Mikael Forssell and more.

The best football Tweets of the Week, collected

After another terrific seven days, these are our favourite football Tweets of the Week.

Featuring Jeremy Clarkson at Arsenal, opinions on the upcoming general election, cookies, tea and much, much more…

It’s Tweets of the Week!

Diamond Club Dinner of the Week

Met a load of Arsenal legends in the Diamond Club..#Pires #Graham #Wilson #Seaman – and some jobless vagrant. @JeremyClarkson

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) April 26, 2015

I'm here and have bumped into @piersmorgan pic.twitter.com/QbT8Lv6KEu

— Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) April 26, 2015

All kicking off in the Diamond Club. Clarkson just got served a cold steak… #AFCvCFC

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) April 26, 2015

Bournemouth Promotion Reaction of the Week

Bournemouth celebrating like they've completely ruled out a 19-0 defeat at The Valley on Saturday. We'll see… #cafc

— Charlton Athletic FC (@CAFCofficial) April 27, 2015

Arsenal Exam of the Week

???? pic.twitter.com/KuQRaU2RTH

— queen (@saskiaisabxlla) April 26, 2015

"if you fail we're through" im dyin????

— queen (@saskiaisabxlla) April 26, 2015

boyfriend made me take an @Arsenal exam???? pic.twitter.com/uHsEGemtEV

— queen (@saskiaisabxlla) April 27, 2015

Misspelt Tattoo of the Week

I m alive again.More alive than i had been in my whole entire life. #tatoo pic.twitter.com/xzqQl3f8o3

— jonas gutierrez (@elgalgojonas) April 29, 2015

Cookie Thief of the Week

Its never good to find my daughter in the kitchen after she has found the goldmine ????of cookies????????#goldmine #cookies pic.twitter.com/lEWrLwyexl

— Mikael Forssell (@MikaelForssell) April 29, 2015

Mug Of Tea Picture of the Week

Just took a picture of my mug of tea. Who knew ! pic.twitter.com/QKrN5AHvaz

— Lee Dixon (@LeeDixon2) April 29, 2015

Political Opinion of the Week

Ed is all over the place you cannot be serious!

— Sol Campbell (@SolManOfficial) April 30, 2015

General Election Chant of the Week

@SolManOfficial Yeah, come on you Tories!!!

— Steve (@FiShHeAd9999) April 30, 2015

Pitch Invader Prosecution Quote of the Week

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“He somersaulted three or four times before running up to the Bradford supporters, shaking his fist in a ‘wanker’ gesture at them."

— The_Istanbull (@The_IstanBull) April 30, 2015