Football Tweets of the Weekend: Dicks, Owen, Neville, Le Tissier, Huckerby and more!

Phil Neville
Neville… Need for speed (Image: Fabio Venni)

There wasn’t much going on, what with the international break and all, but Football Burp’s determination to deliver our Football Tweets of the Weekend remained undimmed…

Great Minds of the Weekend

Robbie Savage, ex-Wales

I think Scotland should play San Marino , that would be a decent game!

— Robbie Savage (@RobbieSavage8) March 22, 2013

and David Cotterill, Doncaster Rovers

Maybe get San Marino to play Scotland? Could be a close game that!!

— David cotterill (@cotterill_david) March 22, 2013

Non-Reader of the Weekend

Michael Owen, Stoke City

Worst Saturday ever! Can’t move out of the house with the snow, hardly any sport on but even if there was, my TV is down due to the snow.

— michael owen (@themichaelowen) March 23, 2013

Refined Taste of the Weekend

Gary Neville, ex-Manchester United

One thing your guaranteed to hear when you come to Italy ‘Aww this pasta is fantastic’ Really!No different than spag hoops in a tin for me

— G.Neville (@GNev2) March 23, 2013

Illicit Thrill-Seeker of the Weekend

Phil Neville, Everton

“@jason15robinson:Nice to meet you today on the plane!All the best forrest of season!” Thanks mate can u lend me some of ur speed please?

— phil neville18 (@fizzer18) March 23, 2013

Sage Advice of the Weekend

Julian Dicks, ex-West Ham United and Liverpool

“@mikefletch27: @julian3dicks Evening, what was your favourite game that you played in Dicksy?”.There’s been to many to pick 1

— Julian Dicks (@JULIAN3DICKS) March 23, 2013

Future QI Panelist of the Weekend

Matt Le Tissier, ex-Southampton

“@farzel00: @mattletiss7 favourite dessert?”Sahara………………oh sorry baked vanilla cheesecake

— Matt Le Tissier (@mattletiss7) March 24, 2013

Boast of the Weekend

Matt ‘Five Hole in Ones’ Le Tissier, ex-Southampton

“@deanhpower: @mattletiss7 Would you prefer a 9 dart finish a 147 break or a hole in one?”147 already got 5 hole in ones!!!

— Matt Le Tissier (@mattletiss7) March 24, 2013

Self-Deprecation of the Weekend

Matt Le Tissier, ex-Southampton

“@danboardman83: @mattletiss7 boobs or bum?”Ive got both

— Matt Le Tissier (@mattletiss7) March 24, 2013

Indignation of the Weekend

Jamie Lawrence, Tooting and Mitcham United

How is martin allen calling me the maddest player his come in contact with ? And you have gone to sky studios with your dog ! #justsaying

— jamie lawrence (@1jamielawrence7) March 24, 2013

Indignation of the Weekend II

Richard Keys, talkSPORT

What are Southend Utd thinking about? Paul Sturrock is a fine and brave man. I hope they look after him. Outrageous.

— Richard Keys (@tSKeysandGray) March 24, 2013

Hide and Seek of the Weekend

Gabriel Zakuani, Peterborough United

I used to hide from Jehovah’s witnesses regularly,1 time the man popped his head thru the window & said I can see u behind the sofa lol #LAD

— Gabriel Zakuani (@Gabs50Zakuani) March 23, 2013

Canine Alcoholic of the Week

Darren Huckerby’s dog

Think my dog has a bigger drinking problem than Mrs Hucks! twitter.com/hucks6dh6/stat…

— Darren Huckerby (@hucks6dh6) March 23, 2013

Enthusiast of the Weekend

Ian Abrahams, talkSPORT

Great to see the old red/orange ball being used at Underhill today twitter.com/BroadcastMoose…

— Ian Abrahams (@BroadcastMoose) March 23, 2013

Storyteller of the Weekend

Rodney Marsh, ex-Fulham, Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers

They said no one would be as good as Pele. Then a little boy came along. His name, Lionel….

— Rodney Marsh (@RodneyMarsh10) March 24, 2013

Accidental Partridge of the Weekend

Rodney Marsh, ex-Fulham, Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers

#accidentalPartridge RT “@rodneymarsh10: Just spent 20 mins in toilet with hot mug tea & Tampa Tribune. Positive outcome.”

— Accidental Partridge (@AccidentalP) March 24, 2013

Unfortunate Typo of the Weekend

Aaron Tshibola, Reading

@ianwright0 nothing to something is so expiring! Just shows no matter were you are or how old are you are never stop working!! #belief

— Aaron Tshibola (@AaronTshibola8) March 24, 2013


Unfortunate Typo of the Weekend II

George Caulkin, The Times

Few fitness concerns for Trapattoni, but bullish mood in Irish. camp. Know promising draw with Sweden must be followed by win vs Austria.

— George Caulkin (@CaulkinTheTimes) March 24, 2013

Lad of the Weekend

Troy Deeney, Watford

Got to my moms and had this beauty waiting for me the breakfast wasn’t bad either twitter.com/T_Deeney/statu…

— Troy Deeney (@T_Deeney) March 24, 2013

Fan Boys of the Weekend

Jordan Stewart, Coventry City and Joleon Lescott, Manchester City

All about ch5 right about now. #Goonies #Chocolateeeeeeeee

— Jordan Stewart (@jordanstewart3) March 24, 2013

@jordanstewart3 big film, the best line is when mouth says to chunk “I got some naked picture of your mom takin a bath, wanna buy them” lol

— Joleon Lescott (@JoleonLescott) March 24, 2013

Liar Liar Pants on Fire of the Weekend

Paul Morrissey, 101 Great Goals

Santos’ is the best Harlem Shake yet :p 101greatgoals.com/gvideos/santos…

— Paul Morrissey (@Paul_Morrissey) March 24, 2013

Ron Manager of the Weekend

Jason Roberts, Reading

Just been brought some Vimto..good Hot or Cold..reminds me of Stonebridge..Penny Sweets..and playing Football with a tennis ball #oldschool

— Jason Roberts (@JasonRoberts30) March 24, 2013

Probably Right of the Weekend

Kenwyne Jones, Stoke City

Lessons we learn in life are so valuable

— Kenwyne J Jones (@KJ9nes) March 24, 2013

Team Spirit of the Weekend

Aaron Tshibola, Reading

Not liking the way @niallkeown try to break my ankle today #rashchallenge #legbreaker calm down lad

— Aaron Tshibola (@AaronTshibola8) March 24, 2013

Brush-Off of the Weekend

Luke Shaw, Southampton

“@krisdann: @luke_shaw3 do you want to go the swimming baths with me tomorrow #asklukeshaw”rather not

— Luke Shaw (@Luke_shaw3) March 24, 2013

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