The referee shows one of ten red cards during Vitória v Bahia
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VIDEO: All ten red cards from Vitória vs Bahia as match is abandoned

Brazilian derby fixture descends into chaos following a mass brawl.


Watch this clip of all ten red cards from Vitória vs Bahia as the derby match in Brazil was abandoned with eleven minutes remaining.

A mass brawl erupted when the visitors equalised from the penalty spot on 50 minutes and then celebrated by baiting the Vitória ultras behind the goal.

In the heated derby atmosphere, the home side’s players took exception to this and so began the ugly scenes that resulted in an initial eight men sent off, among them substitutes.

Vitória then had a further two players sent off, taking the Brazilian Campeonato Baiano fixture below the threshold of acceptable numbers taking part.

The match was then abandoned, with Bahia likely to be awarded a 3-0 win since it was a Vitória player who incurred the decisive red card.