Football Tweets of the Week: Barton, Ferdinand, Iniesta, Valdes, Santos and more!

Victor Valdes
Valdes… Buen partido, lástima…

What do you get if you cross football, Twitter and a hawk-like lookout for the week’s best football-related tweets?

That’s right: it’s Football Burp’s Football Tweets of the Week! Take it away, footballers…

Wouldn’t Let It Lie of the Week

Joey Barton, Olympique de Marseille

Thiago Silva. That the same pussy thatsbeen injured all season. Another over rated Brazilian. Sort your hamstrings out FatBoy…

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 2, 2013

Have to take back what I said about Thiago Silva being over rated today. Been immense tonight. Still looks like a overweight ladyboy though!

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 2, 2013

2 questions for Thiago Silva. Firstly, Why are YOU talking about ME, in your press conference before PSG v Barca? Very strange.

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 3, 2013

Secondly, Are you Pre-Op or Post-Op?#transsexual #thiagosaladyboy

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 3, 2013

Baffles me, which way he’s going. Is he a man changing to a woman or a woman changing to a man? Can’t work it out.

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) April 3, 2013

Barton-Knocker of the Week

Anthony Knockaert, Leicester City

@joey7barton he can not say things like that . Thiago silva is one of the greatest champion of the world … It is shameful !!!!!

— Aknockaert (@Aknockaert) April 4, 2013

Diplomat of the Week

Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United

why has a paper brought out a quote from years ago to try + derail Di Canio?? Lazy journalism again. I wish him good luck in the PL. Simple

— Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) April 4, 2013

Arf! of the Week

Geoff Shreeves, Sky Sports

Will be interesting to see how and if, Sunderland players appeal for offside?

— Geoff Shreeves (@GeoffShreeves) April 4, 2013

Arf! of the Week II

This guy

@geoffshreeves As a Sunderland fan, we’ll appeal for offside in the same way we usually do – unsuccessfully.

— Dan Ward (@DanielCWard) April 4, 2013

Not-So-Arf! of the Week

Rodney Marsh, ex-Fulham, Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers

Wonder if Sunderland’s corporates will be having Eva Prawn sandwiches at HT

— Rodney Marsh (@RodneyMarsh10) April 4, 2013

Telepathy of the Week

Andrés Iniesta and Victor Valdes, Barcelona

Gran partido, lástima el final pero vamos con un buen resultado y sabiendo que para estar en semis tendremos que… fb.me/HmNEsjZY

— Andrés Iniesta (@andresiniesta8) April 2, 2013

Un buen partido en Paris, lástima del resultado. Ahora a preparar la vuelta en Barcelona. Un abrazo a todos!

— Victor Valdes (@1victorvaldes) April 2, 2013

Big Happiness of the Week

André Santos, Grêmio (on loan from Arsenal)

I would like to thank all themessages. I would like to share with you all the size of my happiness…Kisses to everyone!!

— André Santos!!! (@Andre_Santos27) April 3, 2013

Romantic of the Week

Prince Buaben, Watford

Just finished watching this movie And females could b so wonderful #theritefemale Hopefully 1day

— Princey babii(@pbuaben) April 4, 2013

Nutter of the Week

James Wesolowski, Oldham Athletic

Happy birthday to the guy who taught me how to do diving header tackles! @wesolowski14 have a ledge one mate!

— Dean Furman (@de4no22) April 4, 2013

Sophisticate of the Week

Mason Bennett, Derby County

Hey pretty baby with the high heels on, you give me fever like I’ve never ever known!

— mason kane (@Masonbennett20) April 4, 2013

Girls are horrible creatures!

— mason kane (@Masonbennett20) April 3, 2013

Fully Functioning Brain of the Week

Cédric Evina, Charlton Athletic

I’ve just tried really hard to watch #GeordieShore for 20 mins but I can’t take it no more. What a whole lot of crap

— Cédric Evina (@ceddyevina) April 2, 2013

Bottom Lovers of the Week

John Oster, Barnet and Steve Sidwell, Fulham

All I seem to like on Instagram is peachy bottoms #needtofollownormalpeopletoo

— John Oster (@johnnyost) April 4, 2013

“@johnnyost: All I seem to like on Instagram is peachy bottoms #needtofollownormalpeopletoo” nothing wrong with a lovely bottle ! #cupping

— Steve Sidwell (@sjsidwell) April 4, 2013

@sjsidwell it didn’t go unnoticed that ur no stranger either Sidney

— John Oster (@johnnyost) April 4, 2013

“@johnnyost: @sjsidwell it didn’t go unnoticed that ur no stranger either Sidney” you know me too well pal

— Steve Sidwell (@sjsidwell) April 4, 2013

Busy Day of the Week

Ronnie Hawkins, Cardiff City

Walk around the club, f*ck everybody….

— Ronnie Hawkins (@Ronz_H) April 4, 2013

At Least Get Their Name Right of the Week

John Aldridge, ex-Liverpool

Bad day at the officeNot a winner but well looked after by aisling of ladbrooks cheers from me and the clan

— John Aldridge (@Realaldo474) April 4, 2013

Occasionally Shouts Words of the Week

Nigel Neita, Arsenal

When you want SUCCESS as much as you want to BREATHE then you’ll be SUCCESSFUL #MOTIVATION don’t let no 1 tell you that your not good enough

— Nigel Neita (@Nigel_Neita) April 4, 2013

Euphemism of the Week

Charlotte Jackson, Sky Sports News

I’ve just discovered that dipping a banana in houmous tastes very good!

— Charlotte Jackson (@CharLouJackson) April 4, 2013

Bale v Basel of the Week

Gabriel Zakuani, Peterborough United

Who are Bale playing today?

— Gabriel Zakuani (@Gabs50Zakuani) April 4, 2013

What Other Kinds of Restaurants Are There? of the Week

Izzy Brown, West Bromwich Albion

Any good food restaurants Birmingham?

— isaiah brown (@izzyjaybrown) April 4, 2013

Raconteur of the Week

Mark Bright, ex-Sheffield Wednesday

Shez said to @chriswaddle93you shooting from here, who do you think you are Roy of the Rovers? FACup semi final day, 20yrs ago today #swfc

— Mark Bright (@Mark__Bright) April 3, 2013

“Pipi-Pause” of the Week

Mario Götze, Borussia Dortmund

Was there no toilet in Malaga, Mario Götze?Seen it – done it- sometimes bit.ly/10zeJk6

— Jan Aage Fjortoft (@JanAageFjortoft) April 4, 2013

Regularly Encounters Lizard Mikel Artetas Shaking Hands With Ally McCoist

Gabby Fernando, Manchester City

I meet people like this every single day. twitter.com/Gabby_Fernando…

— Gabriel Fernando (@Gabby_Fernando) April 4, 2013

Big Opinion of the Week

Liam Palmer, Tranmere Rovers (on loan from Sheffield Wednesday)

Eastenders is dead these days !! All about Coronation Street

— Liam Palmer (@LiamJPalmer) April 4, 2013

Massive Dawning Realisation of the Week

Moses Ashikodi, Ebbsfleet United

Eastenders is fake how can anyone speak in court

— moses ashikodi (@MosesAshikodi) April 4, 2013

Remembrance of the Week

Dean Richards, ex-Wolverhampton Wanderers, Bradford City, Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur

RIP Deano. 2 years today we lost one of football’s great guys.Thinking of his family. Missed but never forgotten twitter.com/MattMurray20/s…

— Matt Murray (@MattMurray20) February 26, 2013

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