Young American Everton fan cries after hearing about their 3-2 defeat to Newcastle
(Image: Twitter/Gyorgi)

VIDEO: Young Everton fan cries when told of their defeat to Newcastle

He "wished we liked Liverpool".


My son asked me who won the game when I got home from work and after telling him, he had a total meltdown. He said his friend Liam is gonna make fun of him again and that he wished we liked Liverpool. It’s sad but it’s funny.

Everton literally making children cry. pic.twitter.com/QxIplVmRqu

— Gyorgi (@TweetGyorgi) March 10, 2019

An American child who supports Everton was reduced to tears when informed of his side’s 3-2 defeat at Newcastle on Saturday.

The home side launched a stunning comeback to win the game at St. James’ Park after going in 0-2 down at the break.

Just to update: my son is fine. He’s still a Blue. Liam isn’t on twitter. All kids cry for silly things. Have a laugh. Up the Toffees.

— Gyorgi (@TweetGyorgi) March 10, 2019

Surrounded by his family, the boy cries as his parents inform him of the final score.

They try to reassure him that Everton will “get better” and won’t always lose but that generally appear to fall on deaf ears.

Ok, I posted this because I thought it was funny that he feels the way most Evertonians do. I’m very proud of how much he loves Everton. It’s been a part of him since before he could talk. He’s hasn’t seen a successful Everton…yet. But he will. #COYB

— Gyorgi (@TweetGyorgi) March 10, 2019

It’s days like these that apparently make the youngster say that he “wished we liked Liverpool”.

After concern for his son’s welfare, Dad sent out several tweets reassuring users the young fan was okay.

See guys, I told you he’s fine. Back to normal. Wearing his kit at practice and having hope that will only get destroyed come Sunday. COYB! pic.twitter.com/Jh0FF2S2R6

— Gyorgi (@TweetGyorgi) March 12, 2019