A Hellas Verona mascot walked into the stand for the match ball at Perugia Calcio
(Image: Twitter/Will)

VIDEO: Verona mascot walks into stand for match ball before kick-off at Perugia

Player let go of the boy's hand to make the sign of the cross.


A Hellas Verona mascot walked into the stand that held the match ball before kick-off in an Italian Serie B game at Perugia Calcio.

The home side were beaten 1-2 by Verona in the televised clash at Stadio Renato Curi on Friday night.


As the teams walked out of the tunnel for the pre-match ritual, each mascot held hands with, and was guided out by, an opposition player.

The young children, each representing their respective teams, weren’t really looking where they were going – trusting in the adults.


But one hit his head on the stand right in front of the camera.

His partner, Perugia defender Pasquale Mazzocchi, had let go of the little boy’s hand in order to bless himself.