Tanzanian man recites Greece's Euro 2004 team
(Image: Twitter/Salim Masoud Said)

VIDEO: Tanzanian man memorises national team starting elevens

Recites Greece's Euro 2004 line-up.

This guy in Tanzania specialises in knowing notable starting XIs of national teams, present and past. Here he is doing the Greece team of Euro 2004. pic.twitter.com/lFYhr0E0cI

— Salim Masoud Said (@salimosaid) May 7, 2018

This man sitting in the outdoors in Tanzania is said to specialise in memorising notable national team starting elevens from over the years.

In this television footage, he can be seen reciting Greece’s Euro 2004 winning team.

The presenter is translated as telling the viewers:

You can give me one billion dollars to repeat what he just said and I wouldn’t manage to do it, not even two names.

Listen at how hard these names are to pronounce and people this knowledgeable are just sitting around in Maskan [Tanzanian neighbourhood hangout areas].