A shoplifter is slide tackled by a store employee
(Image: Twitter/433)

VIDEO: Supermarket employee slide-tackles shoplifter

Inch-perfect challenge sends him flying.



A supermarket employee slide-tackled a shoplifter in order to stop them getting away with stolen goods, as shown on this CCTV footage.

In this clip, we see some people – possibly fellow workers – rewatching the video and laughing at the sheer ferocity of the challenge.

The prospective thief tries running away, emerging suddenly in front of camera.

We see he’s being hotly pursued by the supermarket employee, who then fells him in spectacular fashion.

He executes an inch-perfect slide-tackle that sends the man flying, much to the amusement of those gathered around the screen watching the replay.

Supermarket employee goes prime Paulo Maldini to stop shoplifter 🙌 pic.twitter.com/6SWUBThq4W

— 433 (@433) December 20, 2018