A Sunderland fan trips his Plymouth counterpart during a half-time race at the Stadium of Light
(Image: Twitter/Sunderland AFC)

VIDEO: Plymouth fan angered after Sunderland supporter trips him in half-time race at Stadium of Light

Protestations amount to nothing.


A Plymouth Argyle fan was left seething after a Sunderland supporter tripped him during a half-time race at the Stadium of Light on Saturday.

The two men were taking part in the on-pitch entertainment, in which the aim was to arrive first at a ball placed in front of goal and score with it.

Cannot stop watching the Sunderland lad trip the Plymouth fan over at half time

— Gav (@BradfordGavin) March 3, 2019

As they jostle for the front runner’s position, the Black Cats fan sticks out a sly foot and fells his Pilgrims counterpart, going on to triumphantly complete the task.

While he wheels off in celebration, the Plymouth supporter angrily remonstrates with first the camera and then with club staff standing in the centre circle.


Not only do his protestations fall on deaf ears but Sunderland also tweeted a mocking reference to the incident later.

In the match itself, goals from Lee Cattermole and George Honeyman gave the home side a 2-0 win that leaves them lying 3rd in League One.