Steward kicks ball into his own face during Shrewsbury vs Bristol Rovers
(Image: Twitter/@ddaz1983)

VIDEO: Steward at Shrewsbury Town kicks ball into his face during game against Bristol Rovers

First touch fails him.


A steward kicked the ball into his own face while guarding the tunnel during Tuesday’s League One clash between Shrewsbury Town and Bristol Rovers.

When the ball sailed out of play for a Rovers throw-in, it arrived at the feet of the man in the orange hi-vis vest, who attempted to bring it down deftly.

FT: Shrewsbury 0-1 Bristol Rovers. Positives in that but a disappointing home defeat. Killer touch missing. #salop

— Lewis Cox (@LewisCox_star) October 20, 2020

Unfortunately his first touch failed him and it bounced off his laces and cannoned into his face, his misery compounded by the moment getting caught on camera.

Brandon Hanlan’s goal in the 15th minute gave the away side a 0-1 win at Shrewsbury’s New Meadow ground.