Streaker at stream of Excelsior's win over MVV Maastricht
(Image: Twitter/Rob)

VIDEO: Streaker at stream of Excelsior’s win over MVV Maastricht

Excited attendee parades himself in front of the other supporters.

Excelsior-MVV 0-2, Supporters in cinema :) #streaker #MVV pic.twitter.com/bBGqEcnfGW

— Rob (@MrPerfecktion) October 17, 2020

An Excelsior fan in his pants ran around a public stream of their win against MVV Maastricht to the glee of the crowd.

Excelsior beat MVV 2-0 behind closed doors at the Van Donge & De Roo Stadion in the Dutch Eerste Divisie on Friday night.


With supporters still prevented from attending matches due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a live stream of the game was apparently shown to a selection of them in a cinema.

One fan took it upon himself to strip down to his underpants before streaking around the venue as the others cheered him on.