Staff trip and fall over as they try to roll up the carpet following the pre-match handshakes in the MLS Cup final
(Image: Twitter/Taylor Vonfeldt)

VIDEO: Stadium staff fall over as they roll up carpet before MLS Cup final

Tumble during clear-up operation following pre-match handshakes.



Members of the mat rolling committee took a tumble as they attempted to retrieve the carpet used for the pre-match handshakes before Atlanta United faced Portland Timbers in the final of the MLS Cup.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta was rocking on Saturday night as the 2018 MLS Cup playoffs in America’s top flight came to a close.


As Portland captain Diego Valeri was being interviewed ahead of kick-off, the carpet rolling can be seen in the background.

One of the stadium staff members gets in a muddle and trips over the bundle, bringing a colleague down with him before the camera cuts away.

Goals either side of half-time were enough for Atlanta United to win the match 2-0.