VIDEO: Spurs fans perform Harry Kane rap – You Just Got Kaned

Sung in a park by MC Saundierez and friends.

Spurs fans perform a Harry Kane rap entitled You Just Got Kaned
MY NAME IS: Saundierez (Image: YouTube/Rob Saunders)

A group of Spurs supporters have come up with a kind of Harry Kane rap entitled You Just Got Kaned, performed in a park, presumably somewhere in North London, shown in full in the video below:

Perhaps wisely, given the fate of previous Tottenham fan songs and their creators, the majority of the group have hidden their faces.

But the lead singer, MC Saundierez or Rob Saunders, said to be based in Birmingham, is loud and proud – shouting ‘You just got Kaned!’ at various intervals while the others provide a tuneful backing accompaniment.

#YouJustGotKaned causing a stir @HKane #YouJustGotKanedForEuros

— Rob (@Saundierez) May 26, 2016

Saunders describes his YouTube channel as a place for “fun videos with an emphasis on comedy raps,” but this is the only upload so far.

A Reddit user provided a little bit of info on the band’s recruitment process:

Also, one tweeter’s thoughts:

@CookPassTim this is why we took 2 points from our last 4 games.

— ㅤ (@ManLikeEriksen) May 26, 2016