Time-wasting Spurs ball boy winks at crowd after Watford's Isaac Success was booked for trying to get the ball off him
(Image: Twitter/ESPN)

VIDEO: Spurs ball boy winks at crowd after tussle with Isaac Success that sees Watford player carded

Managed to frustrate substitute as slim lead was defended in added time at Wembley.



A time-wasting ball boy at Spurs, who had the ball thumped out of his hands by Watford’s Isaac Success, winked at the crowd after the player was booked for his involvement in the altercation.

Watford trailed Tottenham 2-1 in the dying moments of a Premier League tie at Wembley on Wednesday having seen their initial lead overturned late on.

With the game going into added time, the ball went out of play in Spurs’ half and was gathered by the youngster on the sidelines.

Give this ball boy a medal https://t.co/tbI3lA70zg

— Jake. (@YedIin) January 30, 2019

After he had earlier appeared to have been told to slow down, he took the instructions too far by walking away from the pitch with the ball.

Hot-headed Isaac Success ran straight over and bashed the ball out of his hands.


The player was promptly shown a yellow card by the referee before the incident could escalate.

The ball boy then turned around to twice wink, as seen on the television coverage, his work complete.