Son beats his dad in a half-time race at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland
(Image: Twitter/Richard Mennear)

VIDEO: Son wins half-time race at Sunderland after Dad falls over in front of goal

Disaster for father as offspring is able to score before him.


The best HT entertainment I've ever seen, son chases father round the pitch at @StadiumOfLight and then they have to try and score. Genius. Wait for the fall… pic.twitter.com/PMFlZNFHeb

— Richard Mennear (@RichMennear) January 12, 2019

A father tripped over before he could shoot at the end of a race with his son at half-time of Sunderland’s clash with Luton on Saturday.

The Stadium of Light consistently enjoys half-time races around the perimeter of the pitch before one participant has to score to win.


At the break of a 1-1 draw with Luton in League One, a dad and his boy competed against one another as the crowd roared them home.

With Dad a few paces ahead as the pair approached the empty goal, suddenly he falls and allows his son to take the ball and put it in the back of the net.

Big fan of the new HT entertainment at #SAFC. I imagine the poor bloke who just fell in front of thousands as he was about to score probably isn't… 😂🙈 https://t.co/42Djnp9lft

— Craig Johns (@craig_johns) January 12, 2019