Jeff Stelling's dog Stan interrupts him while he records Soccer Saturday from home
(Image: Twitter/Soccer AM)

VIDEO: Soccer Saturday recording interrupted by Jeff Stelling’s dog

Working from home.



Jeff Stelling was interrupted by his dog Stan as he tried to record Soccer Saturday from home amid the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

This weekend the German Bundesliga became the first European top flight league to resume following the break for COVID-19, prompting the return of the popular Sky Sports show.

Think he blew it a bit. Too camera shy and too much whining!

— Jeff Stelling (@JeffStelling) May 18, 2020

With social distancing remaining in place, Stelling had a camera crew round to his house – and in this clip we see his pet pooch paying a visit.

As he does so, he sends Stelling’s phone and internet connection “absolutely crashing”, much to the amusement of those present.

Ooh noooo as opposed to the cynical as ***** Bollocks

— Jeff Stelling (@JeffStelling) May 18, 2020