A FIFA 20 Pro Clubs team criticised for scoring while opponents were clapping key workers
(Image: Evan-Amos)

FIFA 20 team criticised for scoring while the other side were standing still because they were clapping key workers

Player bemoans perceived lack of sportsmanship in Pro Clubs match.


These lads got a bollocking for scoring against a team on clubs who were standing still at 20:00 🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/HWsaXTIZlG

— JCC  (@WorldofJCC) May 15, 2020

A FIFA 20 Pro Clubs player was sent messages from an opponent who criticised his team for scoring against them while they were busy clapping key workers.

Every Thursday evening, much of the UK has come together to go outside and applaud NHS staff and other people keeping the country going while we’re all on lockdown.

‘Controllers down lads common’

— Jcc  (@WorldofJCC) May 15, 2020

A goal had apparently been scored while one team were all standing still since they were away from their controllers to join in with the coronavirus tradition.

Upset that they had returned to find themselves one-nil down, one player took it upon himself to rebuke a member of the opposite side for doing so.