Spartak Myjava 5-a-side player hit in the face by trophy lift at Red Bull Neymar Jr's Five
(Image: Instagram/Martijn Debbaut)

VIDEO: Slovakian player hit in the face by trophy lift after presentation at Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five

Unexpected injury after World Final at Five competition.



A Spartak Myjava player was hit in the face by the trophy as her team lifted it together after being named world champions at the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five tournament.

A girls team from Slovakian side Spartak Myjava won a keenly fought World Final against their Japanese counterparts at the Neymar Jr. Institute in Praia Grande, São Paulo on Saturday.


After being presented with the cup, reportedly weighing over 15 kg, the squad gathered raise it above their heads in front of the crowd and the Brazil international himself.

However, as they quickly hoisted it upwards, the trophy caught one of the group square in the face.

She falls to the floor, obviously in some pain, before receiving medical attention.