A fan received a Liverpool shirt with 'Instead' and the number 14 on the back after requesting a change to his original order
(Image: Shaun Wong)

Fan receives Liverpool shirt with ‘Instead’ on the back after asking the club shop to change his order

Misunderstanding after buyer requests number 14 "instead" of a 6.


A man buying a present for his son received a Liverpool shirt with the word ‘Instead’ on the back, apparently after a mix-up at the store following a request to change the number.

The original purchase, said to have been made from China, is thought to have included a child-sized shirt with either his own or a player’s name placed above the number 6.


Later wanting to adjust the original order, the club shop was contacted with a request that this be changed to a 14 “instead”.

But there seems to have been some confusion on the other end of the line.

I have a similar story, I import shirts from China and customer asked for premier league badges on the sleeves and they kept sending with just 1 badge (back then they used to have 2) I complained she said, next order put X2BPL BADGES then we know you want 2, I did this turned up pic.twitter.com/D1VHndptpv

— Michael Parr (@retromikey6) July 14, 2019

The disappointed buyer shared a photo of what they received in the post.

A picture of the small, replica Liverpool shirt with ‘Instead’ written alongside the number 14 has astounded many supporters.