Seller of North Face jacket demonstrates that it's good for 'football fighting'
(Image: Twitter/PadrePat)

VIDEO: Seller of North Face jacket asked to demonstrate if it’s good for ‘football fighting’

Sends video of himself illustrating its "movement".



A seller of a second-hand North Face jacket was supposedly pranked into demonstrating how good it was for ‘football fighting’ by someone he thought was a prospective buyer.

A chat between the pair on Facebook was screen recorded on the joker’s mobile phone.

I'm angry, go football, I've got me North Face and I've joined a firm; bit awkward Clive but we didnt mean law firm pic.twitter.com/8H4E74lN4N

— ToggerGuru (@ToggerGuru) November 5, 2015

The vendor was apparently convinced into sending a video of himself wearing the item while throwing a few punches and kicks after being asked if there was “much movement in it”.

Despite doing his best to satisfy the customer and provide a discount, the transaction was turned down.