Rostov's Kento Hashimoto stuck in lift at Arsenal Tula
(Image: Twitter/Match TV)

VIDEO: Rostov’s Kento Hashimoto stuck in lift at Arsenal Tula

Followed appropriate procedure while being filmed through the glass doors.


Rostov midfielder Kento Hashimoto became stuck in a small elevator before their Russian Premier League match against Arsenal Tula, when the doors refused to open.

Despite being reduced to ten men midway through the second half, Rostov came away with a 3-2 victory at Arsenal Tula’s Tsentral’nyy Stadion on Sunday.

A short video shared by the away team appears to show Hashimoto sitting down and unable to exit a lift at the required floor after repeated attempts at pressing the button.

Evidentially, the Japan international was freed in time for kick off as he managed to score two goals before half-time to contribute to the win.