Voluntari goalkeeper wastes time with long run-up
(Image: Twitter/Emanuel Roşu)

VIDEO: Time-wasting Romanian goalkeeper takes exceedingly long run up

Pretends to go back to dressing room.


For a second, please forget about #UCLfinal and Karius. A Romanian keeper takes his job and time wasting to another level. He goes a long, long way before kicking the ball. :)) pic.twitter.com/pc7jMiiKto

— Emanuel Roşu (@Emishor) May 27, 2018

Voluntari goalkeeper Mihai Mincă feigned returning to the dressing room before reemerging with an extra-long run-up during a Romanian Liga 1 play-off against Concordia.

His side were leading 2-1 in the 75th minute when Mincă was awarded a goal kick and decided to push the boundaries of time-wasting, retreating until he was all the way back in the tunnel area.

He pauses there for a moment, leaving fans to speculate if he’s gone in for an impromptu toilet break, then comes running back out to take the kick.

His antics did not have the desired effect – Voluntari went on to concede an equaliser that relegated them to the second division.