Referee's dancing warm-up at American girls match
(Image: Facebook/Soccergrlprobs)

VIDEO: Referee’s dancing warm-up for American girls match

Throws shapes as unimpressed player looks on.

The Ultimate Referee Warm Up

If your referee isn't warming up like this, they're doing it wrong. #LMAO

Posted by Soccergrlprobs on Saturday, 16 September 2017

Have a look at this referee’s dancing warm-up as he prepares to officiate a girls’ match in America, shared on the Facebook group Soccergrlprobs as “The Ultimate Referee Warm-Up”.

The unnamed, bearded whistle-blower was filmed throwing shapes in his dapper yellow jersey, receiving an unimpressed-looking glance from one of the players warming up in the background.

Soccer has been gaining in popularity Stateside for some years now, with the US women’s team winning the last World Cup in 2015.