Lips from a Ukrainian TV advert for a women's international fixture against Croatia
(Image: Facebook/Рагу.лі)

VIDEO: Racy Ukrainian TV advert for women’s international clash

Accused of sexualising the sport.


See the Ukrainian television advert for an international women’s football game that has faced a barrage of criticism online after being accused of sexualising the sport.

The controversial commercial has been shown on Futbol-1/2 TV to promote the station’s coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup qualification clash between Ukraine and Croatia, set to take place in October.

With audible moaning and heavy breathing in the background, there are numerous close-up of ladies’ glossy lips being bitten and eyes flashed.

Some of the players set to be involved in the upcoming fixture eventually appear, it’s unclear as to whether they were made aware of what the previous section of the ad would contain, but the group then shout to the camera:

We’re not faking it!

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