Civil Service Strollers player gets sent off for grabbing opponent by the balls during 2-1 defeat to East Kilbride
(Image: Twitter/@timomouse)

VIDEO: Player sent off for grabbing opponent’s balls in Scottish Lowland Football League game

'Bell-ringing' scandal during East Kilbride vs Civil Service Strollers.


Highlight of the Lowland League weekend surely the Civil Service Strollers player getting sent off for what would be described in the playground as “bell ringing” pic.twitter.com/lqaXrHbJKj

— Richard Wilson (@timomouse) February 17, 2019

A Civil Service Strollers player was sent off for grabbing an opponent by the balls during a 2-1 defeat at East Kilbride on Saturday.

The Scottish Lowland Football League match was brought into disrepute when the offending participant engaged in a practice known as ‘bell-ringing’.

As the two sides jostle for positioning awaiting a corner, one man foolishly grabs another by the nuts in clear sight of the referee.

He sounds his whistle and gives the miscreant his marching orders with little hesitation.

The result consolidated East Kilbride’s place as runaway leaders in the table, with Civil Service Strollers lying 4th.