Reading's Chris Gunter appears to take throw-in from line cast by shadow
(Image: Twitter/Scottish Mags)

VIDEO: Reading player appears to take throw-in from line created by shadow from stand

Debate rages over optical illusion.



Debate raged over whether or not Reading perpetrated the mother of all foul throws, with Chris Gunter appearing to take one from a line created by a shadow from the stand.

The optical illusion happened during the 0-0 draw at Cardiff City, a result which saw Neil Warnock’s Bluebirds clinch automatic promotion to the Championship.

While on first glance Gunter seems to take the throw-in from well inside the parameters of the pitch, it seems the white line behind him was in fact the top of the advertising boards rather than the actual touchline.

Decide for yourself with this selection of highlights from the debate which raged on Twitter: