Yevgeny Savin tries to kick ball through a window
(Image: Twitter/KrasavaVlog)

VIDEO: Presenter almost kicks ball through open window

Maybe, maybe, maybe...

Russian football pundit and former footballer Yevgeny Savin was dismayed when his acrobatic attempt to kick a ball through an open window of a house failed.

The 36-year-old Match TV presenter and online personality, who had stints at a variety of lower-league clubs in the country, videoed himself practising the trick shot next to the home in view of an enthusiastic young child.

❗❗❗VAR ❗❗❗

⁉️ GOAL or NO GOAL ⁉️#КраСава pic.twitter.com/y6T9tpDUQu

— KrasavaVlog (@KrasavaVlog) May 2, 2020

A slow motion replay shows the ball bouncing clear of its target after hitting both sides of the green-painted window.

The pair console each other after not getting quite the result they wanted.