Player hit in the face by ball from shot in five-a-side game in South Africa
(Image: Twitter/Ta West)

VIDEO: Player knocked out after being hit in the face by ball in five-a-side game

Caught by shot from very close range.


A player appeared to be knocked unconscious after a shot hit him in the head during a five-a-side game on Thursday night.

Sports Reporter Philasande Sixaba was caught in the face by the ball at extremely close range in the match in Johannesburg, South Africa.


A member of the opposition team can be seen to take a shot on first time and thwack a strike towards goal.

Defending, Sixaba ends up with his head directly in the line of fire.


— Primo Primo (@primo_can_dance) June 7, 2019

He collapses onto the ground in a crumpled heap before the video cuts out.

His friend, who uploaded the clip, has assured viewers that the player has since made a full recovery.

Almost got knocked out cold during this play last night pic.twitter.com/ai83zQpeac

— Philasande Sixaba (@psixaba) June 7, 2019