AVC Heracles player slips over fence twice during amateur game in Holland
(Image: Twitter/Humor Esportivo)

VIDEO: Player falls over fence trying to retrieve ball in Dutch amateur game

Slips twice.


Se liga na malemolência do rapaz para pular a grade e pegar a bola pic.twitter.com/5wjTsbkl4s

— Humor Esportivo (@Humor_Esportivo) March 22, 2019

An AVC Heracles player slipped while trying to climb over a fence to get the ball during an amateur league game in Holland last Sunday.

AVC Heracles 3 were beaten 4-2 by Tubantia 5 in tough conditions with heavy rain falling throughout the Dutch Kelderklasse match.

Keenly watched by fans who seemed to be safe and warm inside, the unfortunate retriever falls over twice as he is sent over the fence surrounding the pitch.

In the absence of ball boys, the player finds it is left to him to go and get the ball but encounters an impossibly slippery obstacle in his way.