A shirtless pitch invader with a pink wig during an Eredivisie Vrouwen match between Twente and Achilles '29
(Image: Twitter/TheInnocentIQ)

VIDEO: Pitch invader with pink wig interrupts women’s game in the Netherlands

Escaped in a getaway car.


A pitch invader wearing a pink wig interrupted an Eredivisie Vrouwen match between Twente and Achilles ’29 at Sportpark ‘t Wilbert on Friday.

The Dutch women’s top-flight fixture was held up when the eye-catchingly dressed intruder, male, entered the field of play and ran around.

Amused chuckles can be heard from the crowd as the shirtless man, who wore pink shorts to match his wig, darted about one end of the pitch with his arms aloft.


After the referee spotted him and blew his whistle to halt play, the invader made a bee line for the exit.

According to Sportnieuws, he went through the bushes to the parking lot where a car was waiting for him.

In the game itself, Twented ran out comprehensive 4-0 winners to consolidate 2nd place in the league behind PSV.

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