Pitch invader at England 1-0 Romania
(Image: Twitter/Cfc_HZa)

VIDEO: Pitch invader takes his shirt off at friendly between England and Romania

Brought some entertainment to dull 1-0 win for the hosts in Middlesbrough.

This is the vid of the pitch invader if anyone wants it pic.twitter.com/pgapS8SOur

— Cfc_HZa (@CfcHza) June 6, 2021

A topless pitch invader waved his shirt above his head as he interrupted a friendly match between England and Romania.

England just about sealed a win over their Romanian counterparts with a single goal at the Riverside, in Gareth Southgate side’s last game before the commencement of Euro 2021.

A particular highlight in a drab opening 45 minutes, was the appearance of a pitch invader ambling away from security with his shirt off.

A steward escorted him off in good spirits and helped him put his top back on, while the commentator on the television coverage apologised for bad language heard from the stands.