Referee makes Remo and Atlético Mineiro players stand behind line
(Image: Twitter/Brasileirão Play)

VIDEO: Brazilian referee makes players stand behind line while waiting for VAR decision

Protesting Remo and Atlético Mineiro players forced to be patient.


The referee sprayed a line on the pitch which he insisted the Remo and Atlético Mineiro players must not cross while he waited for a VAR decision in his headphones.

Brasileiro visitors Atlético Mineiro defeated Série B side Remo 2-0 at the Baenão in a Copa do Brasil third-round first leg clash on Wednesday night.

With players from both sides encroaching on his personal space, referee Antonio Dib Moraes de Sousa took drastic action to keep them out of his face.

Using his can of versatile vanishing spray, the official drew a line on the grass and stepped back from it while making sure it was not crossed.