Pitch invader at Wellington Phoenix 3-2 Central Coast Mariners
(Image: Twitter/Naziah Ali Krishna)

VIDEO: Shirtless pitch invader takes long shot at Wellington Phoenix

Interrupted A-League game against Central Coast Mariners.


The referee was forced to pause Wellington Phoenix’s 3-2 win over Central Coast Mariners when a pitch invader emerged from the stands, got ahold of the ball and was able to take a wild strike at goal.

The A-League game between the two Australian sides at Westpac Stadium on Saturday was interrupted when a fan without a shirt managed to make it onto the pitch.

46' Wellington 0-2 Mariners
64' Wellington 3-2 Mariners

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There were cheers from the crowd as the man got the ball under control and dribbled down the wing unopposed before aiming his shot.

Eventually, a couple of stewards arrive on the scene.

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With one rather more keen than the other, they’re taken on a quick chase before confronting their target when he appears to give himself up.

A thrilling contest saw Wellington come back from two goals down after the visitors were reduced to ten men in the 46th minute.