Dog pitch invader at Tunbridge Wells vs Chatham Town
(Image: Twitter/Ben Braddock)

VIDEO: Players chase dog off pitch during game at Tunbridge Wells

Tiny pitch invader interrupts Southern Counties East Football League clash.



A dog interrupted Tunbridge Wells vs Chatham Town when it ran onto the grass and had to be chased off by a number of the players before the game could continue.

The hosts were defeated 3-4 in a thrilling Southern Counties East Football League clash at the Culverden Stadium in Kent on Saturday, in front of an attendance of 505.


The match was brought to a halt when what looks like a Yorkshire Terrier started running around near one of the corner flags.

Several of the Tunbridge Wells team try to guide the tiny dog pitch invader towards the exit while it bounds joyfully among them.

@Tun_Wells_FC is concerned that footage of a recent trialist has been made public. Rover’s agent (Spaniel Levy) confirms he is now in hiding after being hounded by the media. TWFC is a Pedigree club who aim to Winalot. Reports that the club has gone to the dogs are barking mad. pic.twitter.com/XvXHvo6wLF

— Tunbridge Wells FC (@Tun_Wells_FC) January 13, 2019

Eventually the Yorkie is encouraged to leave and play can resume.

Two late goals from the visitors turned the game around and earned an away win for Chatham.