Pitch invader misses ball as he tries to shoot at Salford City vs Leeds
(Image: Twitter/Ant Ratcliffe)

VIDEO: Pitch invader misses ball as he tries a shot on goal at Salford City vs Leeds United

Miskick by crowd member at Peninsula Stadium in Carabao Cup first round.


This happened at the Salford City vs Leeds game last night. Funniest thing I have ever witnessed. Sky sports didn't show it #SalfordCity #Leeds #football #CarabaoCup #1stRound #Streaker #PitchInvasion pic.twitter.com/joNIhvgMQ2

— Ant Ratcliffe (@Racky69) August 14, 2019

A pitch invader at Salford City got hold of the ball and dribbled it towards goal before missing his shot during a Carabao Cup tie with Leeds on Tuesday night.

Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United travelled to the League Two newcomers to secure a 3-0 away win and progress to the second round of the competition.


Not featured on television coverage of the game, at one point an interloper entered the field and started running with the ball towards goal.

He brushed past the goalkeeper before attempting to shoot.


However, the pitch invader slipped at the last minute and missed the ball completely.

In a double whammy, a steward kicks then kicks it away from him before the guy is able to recover.