Estonian side Nõmme Kalju make substitution after 13 seconds during game at Levadia
(Image: Twitter/Michel Abbink)

VIDEO: Nõmme Kalju make substitution as soon as ball goes out of play after kick off

Just 13 seconds into match.

Nieuw wereldrecord: bij het Estse Nõmme Kalju werd een speler al na dik 10 seconden gewisseld. Zat ook totaal niet in de wedstrijd. pic.twitter.com/ghpz6j6zxd

— Michel Abbink (@sportzeloot) September 23, 2020

Estonian top flight side Nõmme Kalju made a substitution after just thirteen seconds of their Meistriliiga clash at Levadia.

As with Romania, there is a rule in Estonia about teams containing a set number of U-21 players in their starting line-ups.

Lauri Supp, a 16 years old #soccer player from #NõmmeKalju became the quickest substitution, as he was called off after 13 seconds of the match in #Estonian Premier League.

All soccer scores and #predictions around the world: https://t.co/xirL5HkUcW pic.twitter.com/172L0B70iy

— StatisticSports (@StatisticSports) September 23, 2020

Managers have been contravening this by making early substitutions – in this instance, Nõmme Kalju made the switch at the first available opportunity.

They brought on Vladyslav Khomutov for 16-year-old Lauri Suup, but it was not enough to prevent a 2-1 defeat at the A. Le Coq Arena on Sunday.