Anambra FA Cup game between Ifeanyi Ubah and Udala ends when a fan takes the ball and walks off with it
(Image: RALPH CHIDOZIE George)

VIDEO: Nigerian cup game ends when man takes ball and walks off with it

Apparently "no other ball was brought".


FC Ifeanyi Ubah were held 1-1 at FT by Udala FC in a Neros Anambra FA Cup 2nd Round game and after several antics of delaying PK with GK feigning injury, the PKs ensued and when they lost a kick a man walked in freely and made away with the ball and game ended abruptly. @thenff pic.twitter.com/Lhvw8NbAPY

— RALPH Chidozie George (@ralphcgeorge) April 12, 2019

A penalty shootout to decide the winner of a NEROS Anambra FA Cup second round match between Ifeanyi Ubah and Udala ended abruptly when a pitch invader walked onto the pitch, picked up the ball and left.

Both teams had taken and scored one penalty each after extra time following a 1-1 draw at the Ifeanyi Ubah International Stadium Nnewi when the man took the ball.

The Nation Nigeria report someone at the match claiming there was no security at the ground, “no other ball was brought” and “after a while, the officials also left the pitch”.

The Man is the owner of the ball and he’s bored and going home 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

— Emperor_Sharpman🇳🇬💨🔥 (@Sharpman_Tobi) April 12, 2019

The source is quoted as saying:

There [was] serious confusion, accusations and counter accusations, where is the state football going with this kind of scenario.

Director of DOSAD Sports Academy in Awka, the capital of Anambra, Coach Obinna Dike commented it was ‘unconscionable’ for a fan to “just walk into a football field and seize the match ball”:

On whose side the trouble is coming from I don’t know.

But whoever is party to bringing Anambra football to ridicule, I personally will not accept as a stakeholder.