Napoli fans sing "F**k you Liverpool" outside a club shop in Liverpool before a Champions League tie
(Image: Twitter/Carlito)

VIDEO: Napoli fans sing “F**k you Liverpool” outside club shop in Liverpool

Disturbed shoppers in Williamson Square ahead of Champions League tie.


Napoli fans outside the Liverpool store #LIVNAP #UCL #LiverpoolNapoli pic.twitter.com/H8MYgJSMaV

— Carlito (@carlitotweet187) December 11, 2018

A small group of Napoli fans were spotted singing “F**k you Liverpool” outside a club shop in the English city before a Champions League clash between the two sides at Anfield on Tuesday night.

A number of the Italian side’s supporters made the 1,500 mile round trip to the UK for the crucial group stage match.

#Napoli fans are waving flags at Shiraz Cafe in Williamson Square @LivEchonews #ChampionsLeague pic.twitter.com/ueVIEd0xLa

— Harry Howard (@howardharry) December 11, 2018

Making the most of their visit, a number of them gathered outside the club shop in Williamson Square earlier in the day and belted out the obnoxious chant as slightly bemused shoppers passed them by.

The historic shopping area, that plays host to a theatre and various other consumer-facing businesses as well as the Liverpool Store, was disturbed by the flag-waving men who were videoed standing next to Matalan.

The chants are coming thick and fast from #Napoli fans at Shiraz Cafe on Williamson Square@LivEchonews pic.twitter.com/2RoSbwyzQk

— Harry Howard (@howardharry) December 11, 2018

The Napoli fans were then escorted by the police the further two and a half miles to the stadium for the game.

Liverpool beat Napoli 1-0 and qualified for the last-16 of the competition, finishing second in Group C despite having the same number of points and goal difference as their opponents.

A group of Napoli fans carrying flagpoles have just arrived at Anfield, chanting “F*ck you Liverpool, f*ck you Liverpool!." pic.twitter.com/xaKq074BXG

— Mootaz Chehade (@MHChehade) December 11, 2018