Mouse on the pitch at Vasco da Gama 2-0 Bahia
(Image: Twitter/Rene Júnior)

VIDEO: Mouse on pitch in Copa do Brasil clash at Vasco da Gama

Scurries about pitch at Estádio São Januário.


— Rene Júnior (@Reneflu) July 17, 2018

A mouse invaded the pitch and scurried about during the Copa do Brasil Round of 16 second leg clash between Vasco da Gama and Bahia.

The critter made it onto the field of play at the Estádio São Januário in Rio de Janeiro and was picked up by the television cameras.

In the opinion of Twitter user Helio Fernandes, the mouse may not have been a stray:

But it’s not just any little mouse. You can clearly see that it is a well-treated animal, by the gleaming, well-fed appearance…

Vasco da Gama beat Bahia 2-0 on the day but still failed to qualify for the quarter-finals.