There were cats mating at Vasco da Gama, in the grass

PHOTO: Cats mating at Vasco da Gama

Might explain recent mouse pitch invader.

Agora a gente sabe porque que tem rato em São Januário

A equipe de segurança anda ocupada em outras coisas pic.twitter.com/9Zm7g0sd6M

— nena ✠ (@lorenacrvg) August 2, 2018

Someone at Vasco da Gama spotted two cats mating on the pitch at their São Januário stadium and drew a link with another recent animal intrusion.

Tweeting a picture of the frisky felines, Lorena Sousa, a member of staff for the Brazilian club, said:

Now we know why we have mice in São Januário – the security team is busy on other things.

This was presumably a reference to the mouse that invaded their pitch during a Copa do Brasil clash with Bahia.